About Us​

Intent on revolutionizing the cell phone for the young generation, a novel idea was born.

Last summer, a meeting took place at the home of Rav Elya Brudny, Shlita, together with many of the Brooklyn High-School principals. One of the goals discussed was having a uniform phone to be used by the students of all schools and yeshivos that would be internet free but would still have many desired features. The principals were in agreement that it is extremely necessary and beneficial in order to keep all students spiritually safe.

When the phone was initially presented to the schools, it was met with a lot of enthusiasm. The UniPhone is a 4G LTE Connection with no internet capability and therefore no filter is necessary. It can be used in both the USA and Israel. This phone has excellent battery life designed to last for a few days straight. A school can have the option to turn the texting capability on or off. There is an option for ride sharing through texting capability even though the phone has no internet. Google Maps will be an option in the coming months as well. A QWERTY keyboard is making its debut shortly.

Together we will revolutionize cell phone use. Together we’ve forged a unified solution to simply connect. 


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